Build a KIWI integration and enhance your

solution with stock data to improve how your

customers shop, store and cook.

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Integrate Stock Data into your App

Our mission is to provide people with information about the food they store to make healthy living easy.

For users a digital stock is great to have, but hard to get. Data is siloed, not standardized and not exchanged across the food journey.

We are building an open ecosystem to integrate stock data and enable smart kitchen partners to enhance their solution with stock information.

Stock Data Integration

Connect your App with the KIWI Ecosystem

Blum Source


Link your app or device with a few clicks,
so it can share or use stock data.

Blum Thermomix automation


Pass info between apps to improve how
your customers shop, store and cook.

Blum Thermomix automation


When I want to cook a recipe with my Thermomix

Blum Thermomix automation


Show me the ingredients I already have at home and

Blum Thermomix automation


Order the missing ingredients at Billa

Enable Stock Data Integrations


Surface your KIWI integration in your app.


Build your integration using our APIs and SDKs


Enhance your solution with stock data.

Stock Data Integration

  Retailers & Food Brands

Reduce food waste

Share stock information with customers to contribute to tackle food waste.

Reach new customers

Show customers who track their stock your best offers to restock their favorite products.

Fulfill orders

Deliver products when customers need them.

  Smart Storage Solutions

Make storage smart

Extend the power of your storage device to reduce the effort of manual stock tracking.

Profit from stock data

Contribute stock data to partner apps to profit from stock data.

Enhance your functionality

Add KIWI integrations to your app to improve how your users shop and cook.

  Smart Appliances and Cooking Apps

Connect Cooking

Enhance your smart kitchen experience with stock data

Recipes based on stock

Extend the functionality of your cooking app with stock information to enable recipes based on available ingredients

Enable Restocking

Offer shoppability for low-stock products and integrate the functionality of the KIWI Cart


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